Plastic PAssion - Portrait Series

Plastic | adjective plas·tic \’plas-tik\
1. made or consisting of plastic
2. not real or sincere
3. capable of being made into different shapes
Passion | noun pas·sion \’pa-shən\
4. a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for ... or about doing ...
5. a strong feeling that causes you to act in a spontaneous way
6. a strong sexual or romantic feeling for someone (or something?)

Plastic Passion showcases digital photographic techniques, capturing objects in space, action figures as still life, imperfect details, models in macro, serious toys and poised statues - all intended as art, as portraiture, for fun and as something more profound than the fake-plastic-realism of their existence.
It is a combination of the all of the above - make of it whatever you will but always remember it’s about the art of playing!